Brescia University offers a wide array of courses, both online and on campus. This institution is located in Owensboro, Kentucky. It also offers training for a variety of qualifications, including a license as a Kentucky Certified Social Worker. The degree program allows students to complete their education in as little as two years.

Psychology is an academic discipline that analyzes human behaviour and thought processes. Students who choose this field will learn how to collect data and work with research methods. A degree in psychology can lead to a variety of career options. These careers include forensic psychology, social work, psychology, and mental health.

Students who choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology will take courses in both general and special topics. They will have the option to complete a thesis project as part of their degree. Additionally, students can become involved in the Brescia Psychology Association.

In addition to earning their undergraduate degree, students can obtain a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. TheĀ brescia psychology Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program is designed to prepare students for the next level of licensure. During the program, students receive instructional support and pedagogical guidance. Graduates who are committed to teaching excellence can be encouraged to apply to the doctoral program.

In addition to the clinical psychology course, students will take classes that examine the human nervous system, brain-body connection, and various effects of brain damage. These courses are important in providing foundational knowledge about cognitive-affective factors.

Students are also required to have a minimum of 12 hours of college-level psychology courses with a grade of C or better. Applicants are encouraged to have a degree from an accredited school. Some prerequisites are Psy 105 and Mth 250.

Brescia University’s associates’ degree program in psychology will grow with the addition of more students. It is important to note that a number of the graduates of this program are women. Moreover, the program will appeal to OIA students as well.

If you’re looking for a university that is affordable and will allow you to complete your education in a variety of ways, Brescia University is a good choice. The school has been recognized for its academic rigor, affordability, and supportive services. However, it’s important to keep in mind that rankings aren’t necessarily a full measure of the strengths of a college.

One of the most exciting aspects of Brescia’s Psychology program is its focus on the study of the brain. Students will have the opportunity to develop an independent research project with a faculty mentor. As part of this project, they will work to interpret published research and use experimental design.

Brescia’s Bachelor of Psychology online program is affordable and provides students with advanced training in psychology. It’s ranked the third best Online Bachelor of Psychology Programs for 2016-17 by Affordable Colleges Online. There are no additional fees for online courses.

Students can expect to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in two years. Brescia University offers training for the Kentucky Licensed Psychologist Credential, Kentucky CMSW certification, and 7 other qualifications. Those who graduate from the bachelor’s degree program are eligible for financial aid.