A compendium is a collection of items or data, typically in a concise form. Compendium packs are used to share data between worlds and reduce the strain on a world’s performance by storing large quantities of Actors, Items, Journal Entries, Macro Commands, Playlists, Rollable Tables or Scenes that are not currently in use. They are also a convenient way to back up data.

In Foundry, there are 3 types of compendiums the sidebar will display: world (), module () and system (). World modules come from the current loaded world and contain content that pertains to that particular world, while module packs come from plugin modules and systems that add additional functionality to a world or character. System compendiums contain premade content that is designed for use by players and gamemasters in the running of the game.

Each type of compendium can be accessed and managed in the Compendium Pack Directory sidebar. You can create new folders within the directory to help organize your world’s data. Compendiums are protected, meaning that only a GM or Assistant-level user can change or move their contents. However, you can filter by Compendium Pack and a folder name to see only the compendia you want to view.

A research compendium is a set of files that combine all digital parts of a project in order to make it reproducible [GSK02]. Generally, the research compendium will be uploaded to a version control repository and include a Makefile and a reproducible environment.

The Museum Manager’s Compendium: 101 essential compendiums Tools and Resources offers a treasury of definitions, diagrams, processes, choices, and worksheets in the major areas of museum management. This compendium distills half a century of museum experience across all types of institutions and makes available an array of tools to guide your work in the future.

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