When you’re moving to a new home, hiring professionals can make the process much easier and less stressful. If you’re planning to hire movers, it’s important to find reliable and affordable ones. This article can help you find movers near me, compare reviews and cost estimates, and hire the best ones for your needs.

When looking for movers, start by asking for references from friends and family members who’ve used them in the past. Then, look at online reviews and other sources of information to get a feel for the companies you’re considering. Pay special attention to any overly positive or negative reviews. Also, beware of movers who give you quotes that seem too good to be true — they may be fly-by-night movers who will overcharge you or damage your belongings.

The types of services movers provide vary, depending on the type of move you’re planning. Some offer full-service moves that include packing and unpacking boxes, furniture disassembly and assembly, transportation and reassembling at the new location. Others offer fewer services, such as loading and unloading trucks or packing. Still, others may specialize in certain types of items, such as a piano or a safe.

Another important consideration is whether movers are licensed to do business in your state. For local movers, this means having an operating license from the state’s department of transportation or motor carrier safety administration. If they’re moving you across states, they need federal permission to transport goods, which requires having a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) or motor carrier operating authority (MC) number.

Finally, a good mover will have insurance coverage to protect your belongings. Look for a policy that covers at least 60 cents per pound, plus the value of the item itself. Alternatively, you can opt for full value protection, which is more expensive but offers more extensive coverage.

If you’re moving a large or unusual item, such as an aquarium, pool table, flat screen TV, hot tub, or a grand piano, it will likely require a specialist mover who has the right equipment and experience to handle the load safely and efficiently. Ask movers about any additional charges for these specialty items when you receive their quote. You can also choose to self-pack your belongings and rent a truck to transport them yourself, or you can have a Tasker pack your things for you. A Tasker can pack boxes, wrap large and fragile items, and even assemble and disassemble furniture. They can also haul away any unwanted items for you, if you don’t want to deal with them yourself. Just be sure to properly label each box and mark it with what room it belongs in at the new location, and stack boxes neatly near the door for easy access. This will make the unpacking process faster and less stressful for you and your movers.